Women’s Network Paint and Sip Party!

The Women’s Network of UFCW Local 1360 is hosting a paint and sip party! The party will be taking place at our union hall located at 400 Commerce Lane West Berlin, NJ on Friday June 9th. Tickets are $35.00 per person. Limited seating available. Contact Helen to reserve your tickets today, 856-767-4001 ext. 312.


Additional Values of Being a Union Member.

You’ve already earned it! Beyond the benefits in your strong union contract, as much as $3,000 in additional value is available for being a member of the UFCW. UFCW members work hard– and yes, you’ve earned a break. Are you or your loved ones planning on seeing a movie this weekend? Or taking a vacation? Maybe even thinking of getting a new cell phone? We want you, as part of our union family, to enjoy every all the benefit that comes along membership, beyond your contract. Learn more by visiting


Labor Day Art Contest


Labor Day Art Contest Retro Flyer 


Every year, our union family celebrates Labor Day to honor our hard-working members, and working men and women across the country.  Here at the International, we recognize that many of you have your own Labor Day traditions and events, parades, rallies, and picnics.  That is why we decided to celebrate by doing something that would not interrupt your own or your members’ holiday celebrations—something fun and easy, with a big reward attached.

That is why this year, the UFCW International is hosting its first-ever Labor Day art contest.

UFCW members and their dependents are eligible to enter an original work of art in the contest, and could win a $500 Visa gift card AND have their artwork framed and displayed at the DC Labor Fest in the fall.  The winning piece will also be available for all UFCW locals and members at our online UFCW Store.  Two runners-up will receive a $50 Visa gift card, as well.

It is simple.  Members just need to upload a high resolution photo image or PDF file of their original art  The submission must have a Labor Day theme, and the artwork needs to be by either a member or their dependent.  For your reference, see attached flyer.


The deadline to submit is August 25, and winners will be notified by August 29.

We will be kicking off the contest by sending your local union communicators a social media toolkit and a break room flyer to help get out the word to your members.  In addition, we will be promoting the contest on our own social media sites and e-mail.

It’s a Presidential Election Year! Are you registered to vote?

There are many reasons why you may not be registered even if you think you are.  New Jersey and Pennsylvania Voter Registration Frequently Asked Questions links are below, take a moment to look them over if you moved, didn’t vote recently, change your last name or many other reasons listed on the site could help you.   If you need a registration form call us and we’ll mail one out 1-888-937-1360 x #309  for the NJ Election website click here      For the PA Election website Click here

First Choice Lending of NJ-Working with Union Members in PA, NJ & MD

Dear Brother and Sisters,      
First Choice Lending of NJ is The Union Mortgage Program! 
CNN announced today that the Fed’s have decided to raise interest rates for the first time in 9 years in September 2015. If you have not taken advantage of the lower rates to refinance, take cash out or purchase a home, DONT lose out. Call First Choice Lending of NJ Inc., the union mortgage company to see if they can save you money and enjoy your union benefit of no bank fees, no junk title fees, reimbursement of appraisal fee, no application fee and no points. 215-750-6190.

First Choice Lending of NJ is The Union Mortgage Program!  Click here for the FCL of NJ website

For a pdf flier FCL of NJ