What we do for member education

    • Hold Orientation Classes for members who have between 6 months and 18 months seniority
    • Pass on the union message at high schools and other learning institutions
    • Work with the Organizing Department on educational information for non-union workers.


Topics discussed during Orientation Classes:

  1. What is a Union?
  2. What does the Union do?
  3. Why should I join the Union?
  4. Who is your Union Representative and Shop Steward and what are their roles?
  5. Why are Union members better off?
  6. How is Local 1360 Organized?
  7. What are the Responsibilities of Union members?
  8. History of the Local 1360 Union
  9. Why is my Union active in politics?
  10. Why do Unions run organizing drives?
  11. How often do we negotiate our contracts?
  12. What is a strike? Who calls a strike?
  13. What is a withdrawal card?
  14. Members’ rights and responsibilities, work schedules, sick days, grievances, warning notices, drugs and alcohol, contract negotiation process, boycotts, picket lines, organizing, union dues and more.
  15. Political and Legislative Action, Active Ballot Club
  16. Community Services, Women’s Network, Minority Coalition, blood drives, golf outings, scholarships for members and their families and more
  17. Types of work places and diversity of membership
  18. Laws protecting workers
  19. About our International Union
  20. Battles with non-union competition, site fights with Wal-Mart, Wegmen’s, Genardi’s or any other anti-union company