Your Union Officers

UFCW Local 1360 President Sam Ferraino, Jr.

Welcome to the UFCW Local 1360 web site.  We here at UFCW Local 1360 believe that this site serves as the front door to one of the most vibrant and active Local Unions in the Nation.I am proud to serve as the President of UFCW Local 1360 because this is a Local Union of over 10,000 members with a proud tradition of advocacy for the rights of our members and a deep grounding in the communities where our members live and work.

UFCW Local 1360 members are active, informed and dedicated union members who know that through solidarity there is strength.

That is why you will see so many Local 1360 members participating in charitable and community based events around South Jersey and in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Local 1360 members know the value of service and the impact that a Local Union can have in solving problems and making life better for all working families.

UFCW Local 1360 is a very politically active Local Union because we know that the actions taken by our elected officials also have a large impact on the quality of life for our communities. That is why you will see Local 1360 members volunteering to work on the political campaigns of candidates who support working families and organizing in their local communities to make sure that those we help elect produce good public policy.

UFCW Local 1360 is also a Local Union dedicated to bringing the benefits of collective bargaining to workers needing a voice in the workplace. Our efforts in organizing are designed to encourage workers in every type of service, health care or governmental job to understand the value of belonging to a diverse and strong union.

Please browse this web site to find out more about UFCW Local 1360, our history, our activism and what we can do to help make your job more secure and your community a better place to live.

Active members and retirees can also benefit from the direct links to services they enjoy by following the links on this web site. This web site is designed to be interactive so that our members can access important information about their jobs and benefits and find out more about the various campaigns and activities that are an ongoing part of the way our Local Union functions.

UFCW Local 1360 welcomes all working people to become part of our family.

Thank you for entering our website and enjoy!

Peg Michalowski, UFCW Local 1360 Secretary-Treasurer

Welcome! It is my privilege to serve as the Secretary-Treasurer and Servicing Director for UFCW Local 1360.Our Local Union is built on a strong foundation of service to our membership. We have a dedicated staff of highly trained and motivated Union Representatives who spend every day looking for ways to solve problems and improve the quality of life of the members we represent.

As a UFCW Local 1360 member, you have the right to have a voice on the job and the backing of a professional staff whose top priority is to protect your rights on the job and to make sure that you get the maximum benefits of belonging to this Local Union.

We make no bones about the fact that we are an active and aggressive union when it comes to negotiating and servicing the contracts we have with the companies who employ our members.

UFCW Local 1360 always puts the membership first and we operate as a valuable partner with those employers who live up to the negotiated contracts and treat our members fairly and with respect at work.

The advocacy we make on behalf of our members and their families serves to strengthen our local communities because our achievements and the success of the employers of our members raises the standard of living for all working families in this region.

If you are an active UFCW Local 1360 member, I urge you to use this web site as a tool to educate and inform yourself of your rights and benefits and to interact with your Local Union whenever a problem arises at work.

We here at UFCW Local 1360 will continue to live up to our promise to serve because we know that by working together in true union solidarity we can all enjoy a better life.

Thank you and welcome to UFCW Local 1360.